27 January 2011

Recap of Project One

Project one complete 
picture copyright Brigid wright 
Final Jury

Having gone back to hand drawing feels so much more natural to me then last semester of all computer rendering. When I draw a building I learn what it is like. Computers seem quicker and faster, and I'm glad I now have CADD and Adobe skills but nothing compares to the good old metric scale.

Jury Thoughts;
 "Piazza Benedetto Cairoli is struggling to exist in the Roman social ideals." 
it's elliptical and fenced off garden is too cramped to really be a well kept green space
There is an uneasy feeling about being within the space, one feels unprotected in an enclosed area
The space today has been interrupted from what it once was because of major roads and demolition
The Space does not fulfill its function and creates more problems that already existed; like, vehicular traffic and parking, pedestrian flow through the vehicles  and man made barriers such as the main Via and the tram.

Analysis that I have concluded;
Our main study was to demolish the building to the left of the park to create an edge to the square. By doing thing the church would have more presence and the green space could sprawl out and become more organic. 
Looking back some minor changes that could be made would be removing the fence and replacing it with ballards so that foot traffic would flow naturally through the romantic shape of the existing piazza now. an other step would be to cut off all vehicular traffic to the site as well, opening up the piazza and eliminating the parking lot effect that it has now. 
what i've learned is that simple solutions to a unsuccessful piazza will help me understand how to help whatever client I working with by keeping the cost low and having the best possible results. 
Green spaces can't be squeezed into a park which is too small for it to feel safe and welcoming.
Watch and observe how people want to look out and not be looked in upon.
design for people and not cars.
demolition doesn't get solved with more demolition.

23 January 2011

Project One, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli. jury on Wednesday

Final Project #1
studio has kicked back into full swing with our first final jury on wednesday this weekend's focus was mainly for rendering. 
My group officially reached the half way mark today so that we have two more days to make everything read more clearly.
Our focus is Piazza Benedetto Cairoli Rome, Italy
(which is actually on my walk from trastevere to campo every day)
San Carlo ai Catinari, sits at the far side of this piazza but its beauty can me easily passed by every day because, the square has now turned into a parking lot. Cars line the steps out in front of the church and the old palace garden, now the main focus of this piazza. The people flow through Piazza Benedetto Cairoli is limited to the street (which can be dangerous if you aren't watching speeding vespas and smart cars and to the tiny side walks). Last week, while I was walking home from studio, I actually got stuck on the side walk between a stone barrier and the cars and vespas jammed into what in America would barely qualify as a regulation parking spot. I had to turn around and walk back until i found an opening big enough between car that I could pass through. Walking around here is an adventure in itself. So im guessing thats why the actual park part of the square is roped off...because everyone would just use it as a parking lot. Piazza Benedetto is easily miss because it acts as the transition point from the main road Via Arenula to the shopping district of Campo De' Fiori.
But its one of the few squares in Rome that has trees and grass and has the potential to be a beautiful and vibrant city square if people would respect it more and stop using it to park.

14 January 2011

 Settled in Roma and somewhat explored the Trastevere area. Its beautiful here. I still get caught off guard every view down every piccola strada in ciottoli (small cobblestone roads) 
 if you want to see what goes on in trastevere  http://www.lifeinitaly.com/tourism/lazio/trastevere.asp
small scale
pure unfiltered italian culture

  I wish i could take everyone I love from back home and have them here. But Im also excited for the first time in my life to be educating myself in the way that I am one my own in a sense. Even though there are 19 of my classmates with me I have to allow everything to soak in. I learn from every experience here.

The architecture
The style
The language 

 Today we have a trip to 4 of the 7 hills of Roma was too beautiful for words.
                                                     sketching, walking and fotographia

   Hard work but so worth it. Stories and pictures will be up soon. just as soon as i get some sleep.
   I pinch myself to remind myself that I'm actually here. There is literally too much to see.
endless things i want to sketch and watercolor.
(oh yeah and research i have to do for studio but its ok because I uncovered and interesting haunted house next to the church at the piazza im studying.)
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